our beloved and sacred sun

an ongoing research to re-establish the human - sun relationship


you wake up,
our sun shines high in the sky,
you feel the light gently touches your face.
listen to the sun’s wisdom, it whispers to you.

By observing and tracing various sun worships and icons of solar deities the project looks at our emotional
relation with the sun, and using symbolic language and attempts to embody it, bringing the primaeval essence
of the sun back into our lives. Cast in egg-yolk and collagen biopolymer, the material links the object to
the mythological motif of world egg and the golden womb, which is the source of all life and creation;

Solar Idols

are the translation of the research.

‘Our Beloved and Sacred Sun’ becomes a light sculpture depicting a solar analemma idol, a personified sun
taking shape in ancient/modern object symbiosis, - an artifact from an unknown place and an unknown time,
and yet radiating the warmth and feelings that are oddly familiar, positive and comforting.


each Solar Idol is an unique wetware artwork made from biomaterial;
each iteration is alive, ages, changes, and varies visually from each other.

solar analemma idol #01
light sculpture

solar analemma idol #02

solar analemma idol #04
light sculpture

solar analemma idol #05
light sculpture

solar analemma idol 05, time-lapse at sunset
egg-yolk, biopolymer, electronic & light components, discarded metal hanging system

360 mm x 260 mm x 80 mm

appx. 1,5 kg

Project Inquire

autonomous work
summer 2022 - ongoing

with special thanks to barbara doroszuk, anna jurdzi jurgielewicz,
and kate chelchowska