Alongside the research projects initiated and performed under my own name, I am open to collaborations and commission;
ranging from conceptual research, through material and field research, to workshop and craft work.


Tephra Vase 006
commissioned by Studio Marcin Rusak
photograph by Mateusz Wappa


selected examples:
As a Project Leader and a Design Researcher for the Studio Marcin Rusak, I have created and developed such projects as;

Study of botanical movement in time through growth, death and decay.

Translated into a sculptural lighting collection.

Exhibited at the Encoded Symbols, Carwan Gallery, Athens, Greece [2020-2021]

Study of growing seeds into live plants sculptures, cultivating domestic objects, - subjected to the eventual
death and decay.

Translated into series of anatomical sculptures, as an expansion of the Tephra collection.

                  Exhibited at The New Guard, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris, France [2022]

A concept for implementing digital data into the DNA of living plant matter, as a speculative living and
growing cloud data storage.

Visualized through an installation consisting of an experimental short movie depicting a Butoh
dance-performance, and a 3D-printed sculpture depicting the speculative cloud-plant

                   Exhibited at BIO27 Biennial of Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia [2022]

A concept for a scent based on the decaying plant matter and a 19th century story of social decadency.

Executed as a multisensory product family consisting of a perfume line, 3D-printed aroma diffusers,
and a 3D-printed sculpture.

                   Launched at the Retti Candle Shop, Vienna, Austria [2022]

As a Workshop Assistant for Nacho Carbonell I have developed;

 A collection of  sculptures representing the essence and a speculation on the future collections.

                Exhibited at Forest, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris, France [2016]
                Exhibited at On The Origin Of Species, Design Museum Den Bosch, the Netherlands [2016]
Commissions & Collaborations Inquire