Le Rite de Passage du Cloud

The Rite of Passage of the Nail

collaboration between Hermès x Design Academy Eindhoven;

Hermès takes great pride in the quality and longevity of its products and an approach to making that places knowledge, craft and people at the center of the manufacturing process, including maintaining centuries old skills in hand-making and finishing leather and textiles. In 2010 Hermès launched Petit H, to find new ways of bringing life to the byproducts of its making processes – leather, silk, metal and more. In 2020 Hermès extended the same invitation to a selected group students of Design Academy Eindhoven.

In my research I've found that Petit H most admirable source of pride - their huge respect they possess and value they hold over for their materials, and the artisans and craftsmen whom handle it - is also their biggest restraint. Due to fear of diminishing the value of material, and thus disrespecting the craftsmen, it holds them back from fully exploring their materials, and their craftsmen, artisans, artists and designers - which paradoxically contradicts their mission.

To honor and value the traditions of crafts, to keep them alive, one needs to evolve.

Break the conventions. Deconstruct and re-interpret.  

Historically -  a nail has been a symbol of the power to interconnect the elements of creation, as well as a symbol which marked the end of an event and the beginning of another. Just like that, an object as modest and simple as a nail encapsulates the vision of Petit H.

But perhaps the most poetic, and the most fitting connection is an old Germanic social convention of  Schlitzohr - where a humble nail that the craftsman wore was an indication of respect and honor held by them.
Le Rite de Passage du Cloud

 is designed to keep the craft and materials alive, to re-evaluate and re-learn
one’s individual skill, and construct a Horseshoe Nail - the new symbol of Petit H. 

This modern ritual is an invitation to a new social convention within Hermès,
created as a contemporary reinterpretation and continuation of the old Schlitzohr tradition.

Consequently, by following the Ritual myself, I began experimenting with leftovers of Petit H materials, where my focus became bioplastics based on organic materials,


For my Rite of Passage,
I have constructed a Nail out of a biopolymer developed from Hermès iconic orange leather.

leather & starch based biopolymer

66 mm x 14 mm x 12 mm

made thanks to collaboration with Hermès and Petit h.
special thanks to mateusz wappa.

seminar work